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Pollution nowadays is a common term we need to be aware. Of course, we know there are lots of types of pollution and we need to prevent it.  Air pollution is one of the form which means contamination of air, inside or outside, irrespectively.  Pollution occurs when harmful gases, dust or smoke enters into atmosphere which makes difficult for plants, humans and animals to survive. And pollution can be termed as a physical, biological or chemical alteration to air. Air pollution causes many deadly diseases. Global wa...

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Many kids have the tendency to eat more and due to that the ratio of childhood obesity is been increasing rapidly. And that’s because of the stuff kids are eating everyday i.e., over processed and fat food – means no nutritional value. Give natural sources of vitamins and minerals to your child.

Don’t battle over foods or use junk foods as a bribe for saying them to finish the food early. It’s ok if they have only little amount of food, make sure it’s healthy. And give them a dry fruit or a ragi + sesame ...

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Heart Disease is a blanket term which refers to any heart-related disorder. Broadly, the medical community segments the heart diseases as cardiovascular diseases and Other Heart Conditions. Cardiovascular diseases include conditions where the blood vessels leading to heart are blocked or narrowed, disrupting necessary blood flow and causing heart attacks, strokes and chest pains. Other heart conditions deal with issues and situations specific to the heart itself. It incl...

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Regular exercising is a very important aspect of pregnancy, it reduces the risk of gaining excess weight, back pain and makes the delivery easier. Performing certain exercises could improve health and could decrease fatigue and constipation.

Let's take a look at some facts about exercise during pregnancy

  • Exercises during pregnancy can prepare the muscle for childbirth, reduce back pain and can give the baby a healt...

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The modern era is seeking instant solutions for each and every thing .Fast and furious as it seems to be,yet some of them feel inner drive to be on the right track by following daily regimen mentioned in Ayurveda. Daily regimen starting from waking up in the morning are described in Astanga hrdaya Sutra sthana Second Adhyaya itself .The Dinacharya Adhyaya.

Textual verses and meanings are well apprehended by all. So, this is an...