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5 Common Food Myths Busted

With the upcoming trend of googling everything, people are coming up with health advice from every niche. That doesn't mean what you are reading is always a good advice. If you really need an advice on your diet, you should consult a physician who is a specialist in Nutrition science.

When it comes to what kinds of food you should and shouldn't eat, it is always difficult to find an answer. 
Many tips on eating healthy food can be found anywhere and everywhere. But the real issue is, should you always believe in what you hear? After all these years of being false told information by family members, media and even some healthcare practitioner, there are so many people who still believe in some of the common food myths to be true.

There are some very old food myths which people believe to be true but they are not and these misconceptions need to be debunked. Therefore, to help you distinguish between fact and fiction, truth and myth, we have created a list of most common food myths which people widely believe.

Some of the common food myths are:

1. Version of the Same Food with Low Fat is Always Better

Fat is an essential part of human diet. If you cut down on your fat supply completely then it may harm your body in long run. There is a difference between dietary fat and the fat which is referred when we talk about an increase in body weight. Hence altogether fat is one of the important minerals that the body needs for growth.

2. Coffee is Dehydrating

This is the biggest myth and quite a surprising one as for how a thing which we take with milk which is a liquid dehydrate our body. Coffee has a chemical that promotes urine production but a very mild one, this doesn't mean it will dehydrate your body. If you take coffee in high quantity then it triggers your urine production swiftly and you might want to pee quickly which is why most people believe in this misconception.

3. Bananas Contain Too Much Sugar to be a Part of the Healthy Diet

Banana has its reputation as a sweet, high energy giving fruit with as much sugar as a bag of sherbet. While the truth is that they contain only a few more grams of sugar than apples, oranges and most of the other fruits you can name. This doesn't mean you should go overboard on your banana intake. Anything when overly consumed can harm your body, it's just that you shouldn't avoid them because of its sugar content.

4. 8 Glasses of Water Per Day is a Healthy Number

A study in 1945 recommended people to drink at least 4.5 liters of water per day, after that day there has been surprisingly very less evidence to support this conclusion. Of course, water is a very crucial part of Human Diet, but fixing a number is not the right method to drink water. On hot days, or after drinking alcohol you will need more water to fend off the dehydration while in winters you may not feel this need. So, it completely depends on what an individual's body needs.

5. The Speed at Which You Eat Your Food Doesn't Affect Your Consuming Habits

Eating very quickly can and will lead to overeating. This all comes down to how much time your brain takes to register that your stomach is full. If you are eating too quickly you will overeat before your brain could even register the previous food in your stomach. So, take more time, enjoy your meal and eat slowly. Make casual plate manners as a part of your habit.

These myths are to be debunked in order to create a healthy environment. People should only listen to a proper dietician while taking advice on their diet. So, it's time to get over these food myths by squeezing your diet management a bit.

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