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Are you addicted to sugar? Do you love sweets?

Most of you must be aware of the health risks white sugar does to your body.

Sugar is toxic, a sweet poison, which is highly refined and processed, has no nutrition benefit. Excess sugar also creates sodium and potassium imbalances, contributing to that more acidic environment in our cells, an acidic body is a breeding ground for all disease.Also it is the biggest culprit behind midriff (belly) fat or love handles, which is the most harmful fat in our body, linked to many diseases. 

Not only that excess of sugar in our diet wreak havoc in our digestion system and endocrine system causing hormonal imbalances. 

Lets cut back the sugar intake without sacrificing the taste. Sharing with you top sugar substitutes which are healthy, natural and easily available:

1. Raw Honey: It is a common natural healing agent, source of many proteins, vitamins, minerals, beneficial fatty acids. Raw honey contains bee pollen, is full of antioxidants. Its a great substitute that is as sweet but also safe to consume.

2. Jaggery: There is not much difference calorie-wise between sugar and jaggery, but sugar has no nutrition benefit whereas jaggery is loaded with various minerals and vitamins. Helps in purifying blood, rich source of iron, treats lung problems and has many health benefits and medicinal uses.

3. Dates: Dates are loaded with fiber delivers vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain optimum health. Using dates as a sugar substitute can help those with a sweet tooth. Also it can be used as pre-workout meal which helps keep your blood sugar from spiking and stabilizes your energy levels.

4. Coconut Sugar: Coconut sugar has lower glycemic index than regular sugar.  It contains vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, and a fiber known as inulin which has the ability to stimulate the growth of intestinal bifidobacteria, and can provide an overall boost to the immune system.

5. Stevia: Stevia is an plant based (herb), safe and natural sweetener with zero calories. It does not affects blood sugar or insulin levels which can a good alternative for people with diabetic concerns.

Until you are used to the flavour/aftertaste, you can use some stevia along with a bit of another sweetener like honey, fruit juice, coconut sugar, etc. to mask its taste.

Note: Moderation is the key to any healthy lifestyle. It is recommended that all sweeteners should be consumed in moderation.

Let's quit sugar from today and live a sugar free lifestyle!


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