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5 Things to Avoid During Periods

A red stain on your panty liner along with unusual mood swings are the alarming signs that your period has started and you’re going to put the entire house upside down. Having periods seems like being on a remote island where the downies seem wet the whole day, and you are stuck into the discomfort of unusual pain. When you’re on your periods, there are certain things you should steer off clearly. While that time of the month is already a bummer, don’t indulge in activities that can worsen your health or can increase your discomfort. Here’s the list of 5 things that you should definitely show a sign of no entry during periods.

Stay away from dairy products:

A delicious bowl of cheese and macaroni might be all that you want during your monthly flow, but in reality, dairy is not your mate during periods. Having dairy products during your periods is like adding chilly to your wound. They contain a high range of arachidonic acid which can trigger your menstrual cramps. So avoid it and keep your system on track.

Unprotected sex is injurious during periods:

Unprotected sex is something that you should always refrain from, but during periods it’s extremely fatal. Blood is an easy medium for viruses and other bugs to enter your body.  Therefore the transmission of HIV also becomes higher during this phase. During your periods your cervix becomes slightly dilated which makes easier for the viruses to enter from your vagina to the cervix and then into the pelvis. You’re also not protected from pregnancy because you’re having your periods. So refrain from having unprotected sex while you’re menstruating. You can talk with a doctor online if you’re facing any complication regarding your periods.

Double trouble of bikini waxing:

Bikini waxing can be torturous during your periods. The pain receptors become extra heightened during this phase because of which your body becomes extra sensitive. While you already have the bloody flow a bikini wax can be a messy situation for you. During menstruation, your body produces prostaglandin responsible for contraction in your uterine wall. It makes your skin sensitive so you should hold on to your waxing session during periods.

Smoking can worsen your period:

We all know that smoking comes with many health hazards, but during periods it’s an absolute sin. People who are addicted to cigarette have more painful periods than those who don’t smoke. A recent report from the Tobacco Control journal has established this fact. The number of cigarettes you increase smoking each day there seems a fluctuating rise in your period pain. Stay away from chronic pain during periods by deciding not to smoke today. You can also share your problem with doctors if you’re facing period issues or unusual cramps.

Salty food cause bloating:

During periods you enter into a never-ending phase of food nibbling where you grab every salty snack that you see in your grocery. From French fries to popcorn and tortilla chips you attack the pantry like a hungry monger. But do you know that these high salted food items can make the symptoms of your period worse? Salty foods lead to bloating that can be a great discomfort for women during bloating. The period is not a picnic time so hold on to your countless wishes and lead a healthy life during this period of your regular cycles.

You can control how you feel during your periods by indulging into healthy habits. For more information on how to take care of your health during periods, you can have a Free Chat with Healthcare Doctor.

Periods are those unruly days when you everything seems out of order due to the blood flow. Don’t let it turn into a bizarre by doing things that can harm your health during this phase. Talk with Doctor Online if you have any concern related to your periods.

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