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Best Muscle Building Workout Plan

Muscle Building Exercises:

The human body is bestowed with an immense amount of potential and versatility. In theory, the anatomy of our body allows us to develop our strength without limits. The only downside is the fact that it requires unwavering dedication towards improving muscle efficiency. If you’re someone who possesses the will required to endure the process, the following guide details you on how to build muscles by diligently scheduling your workouts and diet. 

Bench Press: 

If you aren’t able to adapt your routine around regularly visiting the gym and constantly find yourself searching “How to build muscles at home” then this exercise could be ideal for you. Although it is suggested that you perform this exercise with a weighted rod, anything that carries significant weight in an elongated framework or follows a similar design to a dumbbell can also work. 

This exercise has three variants - Neutral, Inclined, Declined. It is recommended that you perform each of its variants to develop upper body muscles consistently. This Neutral variant of this exercise involves you laying flat on your back with the weighted component held over your chest area. Make sure that both of your hands are equally apart from the center of the rod and form a right angle with your shoulders. Now you have to gently bring the rod down until you feel your chest muscles stretching. After that, you have to lift the rod back up to its previous position gently. For the Inclined and Declined version, you have to raise your body on the positive y-axis and decline your body to the negative y-axis respectively. 3 sets, each of 10 repetitions are recommended with an appropriate weight along with 2 minutes of rest between sets. Drink minimal amount of water during rests. 

Crunches and Planks:

It is recommended that you work on your lower upper body and uppermost body on alternate days for optimal muscles building. The lower upper body exercises are a combination of Abs crunches and planks. For both of these exercises, you should avoid water intake for at least 3 hours after the exercise. 

For crunches, you have to lay flat on appropriate terrain. Bend your knees to roughly form a triangle and ensure that your feet are firmly placed on the ground. After you’ve taken the position, keep both of your hands behind your neck and push yourself as close to your knees as you can. You should make sure that you push yourself using your abdominal strength and avoid taking any kind of support from your hands. This exercise is more physically demanding than what it initially seems to be. Therefore, to ensure that you don’t tire yourself out quickly, you should lift your upper body gently and pull it back slowly. For crunches, 3 sets, each of at least 30 repetitions are recommended, with 1.5-minute rest in between sets.

After crunches, you should make sure that you perform the Plank exercise to optimally gain the benefits of your lower body workout. For Planks, you have to lay on appropriate terrain with your stomach facing the ground. Extend your hands outwards and when you’re ready, lift your body off the ground by supporting it on your toes and your elbows and hold the plank position for as long as possible. Make sure that you’re focusing on your abdominal strength here too. If you feel that your body is getting lower, push it back up using your core strength. You have to perform 3 sets for the Plank exercise. The sets don’t have a set limit. However, you should try and hold the position for at least 1 minute. 


Squats are known to be the most effective exercise to develop your calves. Therefore, to ensure a full body workout, you should perform this exercise regularly. The position for the same is rather simple. You have to stand straight, clasp your arms together, and proceed to bend your knees until you align your hips with your knee joints. If you wish for a more intense session, you can hold some kind of weight while performing the exercise. After you bend, you have to slowly raise your body to its original position mainly through your calves. You might feel a discomforting burning session in your calves, that is basically a sign that tells you that you’re performing the exercise correctly. You have to perform 3 sets, each with 30 repetitions of the full motion.

To Conclude:

The exercises mentioned above aren’t all that you need to do to develop your muscles regularly. After the exercise, your body would require a protein-oriented meal to heal the tearing effects of the exercise. You have to make sure that your diet is appropriate and relevant to your workout schedule. Following the schedule for at least a month, you’ll start noticing significant changes in your body.

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