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Causes & Effect of Air Pollution - Talk with Doctor Online

Pollution nowadays is a common term we need to be aware. Of course, we know there are lots of types of pollution and we need to prevent it.  Air pollution is one of the form which means contamination of air, inside or outside, irrespectively.  Pollution occurs when harmful gases, dust or smoke enters into atmosphere which makes difficult for plants, humans and animals to survive. And pollution can be termed as a physical, biological or chemical alteration to air. Air pollution causes many deadly diseases. Global warming is the direct result for air pollution; also it’s a biggest challenge for people all over the world.

Causes of Air Pollution:

Indoor activities: Household activities like cleaning products, painting home which creates some pungent smell which makes problem for the one to breathe. If such condition occurs consult to doctor.

Agriculture activities: Usage of harmful pesticides and insecticides in agriculture is huge reason for air pollution. The harmful gases which they emit into air are dangerous for health.

Effect of Air Pollution:

Global warming: Huge reason and effect of air pollution. It’s a biggest challenge for people all over the world.

Heart disease: Everyone knows air pollution effects respiratory organs and causes heart problems.

Acid rain: An Air pollutant mixes with droplets of water and they become acidic and then fall on ground. And hence it causes great damage to plants, animals and crops.

Prevention of Air Pollution :

Usage of public transport:  try using public transport which helps in reducing pollution in air and this will also save our money and reduces the risk of disease also air pollution.

Conserve energy: Switch off fans and lights at home or office when not in use. This would save electricity that helps lot of burning fossil fuels.

Natural foods to take to increase Immunity:

Vitamin C: Amla and guava is the rich source of vitamins C. Which can helps to increase immunity level of your body.

Vitamin E: Almonds & seeds of sunflower are rich source of vitamin E and which can helps in recover human’s tissues.

Mask (Anti Air Pollution):

Many people in India use two wheelers for travelling. Most of them don’t wear helmets or do not cover face and then it leads to asthma. So we suggest you to wear an anti-air pollution mask which will prevent you from many diseases and harmful effects of pollution. You can buy online or buy from any pharmacy.

      If you face any problem, Do consult your doctor.

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