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Exercising Tips During Pregnancy

Regular exercising is a very important aspect of pregnancy, it reduces the risk of gaining excess weight, back pain and makes the delivery easier. Performing certain exercises could improve health and could decrease fatigue and constipation.

Let's take a look at some facts about exercise during pregnancy

  • Exercises during pregnancy can prepare the muscle for childbirth, reduce back pain and can give the baby a healthier start.
  • Although exercise is important. it should be lightly performed and also the person should know when to stop.
  • Swimming and yoga are some good ways to remain healthy during pregnancy.

Six exercises to keep you fit during your pregnancy

Brisk Walking

If pre-pregnancy exercise level were low then a walk around the neighborhood daily is a good way to start. Brisk Walking would increase the cardiovascular output without too much burden on the knees or the ankles. The best part of this exercise is that it could be done anywhere and at any time during pregnancy.

Safety Tip

  1. As your body becomes heavier during pregnancy your center of gravity changes so you may lose your balance and coordination.
  2. You are advised to wear supportive footwear and walk on smooth surfaces..


Swimming is a kind of exercise which gives you better range of motion to exercise without putting much pressure on your joints. The buoyant force will also help you get some relief from the extra weight. Swimming, aqua aerobics and walking in water are some activities which offer many health benefits throughout the pregnancy.

Safety Tip

  1. Use railing and keep your balance to prevent slipping in water.
  2. Don't dive or jump as the impact could affect the abdomen.
  3. Avoid warm pools or hot tubs to minimize the risk of overheating.

Stationary Cycling

Stationary cycling, also known as spinning is a safe exercise to increase the heart rate without putting much pressure on the joints. The bike helps to support the body weight and also as it is stationery the chances of falling are very low.

Safety Tips

  1. Maintain your balance and don't cycle too fast.


Yoga is said to be the best exercise during pregnancy. By performing Yoga, one could strengthen their muscle, stimulate blood flow and enhance the relaxation of muscle. This results in the healthy blood pressure during pregnancy. Yoga classes help keep your joints limber and flexible. The techniques learn could also help you to stay calm and in control pain during the labor.

Safety Tips

  1. As pregnancy progresses skip positions that cause you to overbalance.
  2. Change your asanas and positions quickly as your stages of pregnancy progress.
  3. From the second stage avoid lying flat on the abdomen or the back.

Low Impact Aerobics

Aerobic exercises strengthen the lungs and hearts and maintain your muscle tone well. Exercises like jumping, high kicks, leaps and fast running are excluded from low impact aerobics.

In low impact aerobics, one foot is always on the ground while exercising. When compared to high impact aerobics, the lower one

  • limits the stress on joints
  • helps maintain balance
  • reduces the risk of weakening of pelvic floor muscle

Safety Tips

  1. Don't get too excited and perform many activities. Exertion should be avoided at any cost.
  2. Keep your balance while performing these activities.

Preparing for labor: Squatting and pelvic tilts

These activities prepare your body for the labor pain and ease of delivery.

Squatting: During labor squatting may help in opening the pelvis hence it is better to perform it during your pregnancy to prepare your body.

1. Stand with flat feet, straight back and wide shoulders.

2. Lower your body keep your back straight and knees no farther than your feet.

3. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds, then slowly come back to normal position.

Pelvic Tilts: These exercises help to strengthen the abdominal muscle and also reduces the back pain.

1. Go down on your hands and knees.

2. Tilt the hips forward and abdomen inwards, arching the back.

3. Hold it for a few seconds and then release.

4. Repeat up to 10 times.

Safety Tips

  1. Perform these activities properly and under supervision.

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