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Get Contrasting Looks Using Your Makeup Box

It is hard to find someone who does not want to become beautiful using a few strokes of makeup. Makeup is also an art and you need the perfect artist or you yourself need to know how to draw on the Canvas that is your face. Picking wrong shade for an excessive amount of makeup can end up making your look a disastrous one.

With Eye Makeup:

If you do your eye makeup right then anything else does not really matter.

  • You can go for a Smoky look by smudging your mascara and making it Bolt with using dark colours like brown and black. There are thousands of techniques to reach the perfect dimension with eye shadows. For a proper description, you can either go to a professional makeup artist or take a look at some good eye makeup videos.
  • Call your eyelashes using an eyelash curler and one stroke of mascara to give a nice volume to your lashes. It is very important to use the proper mascara which will not make your lashes dry.
  • To finish it up to use Kajal or eyeliner preferably on your upper eyelids. If you are using eyeliner then go for a sharp pointed look and for Kajal you can make it look a little bit smudged. Making your eyeliner proper living can be a bit difficult there are lots of makeup hacks which will make your job easier.

Proper lip colour:

It is very commonly known that lipstick can change the entire look, it can either elevate the beauty or ruin a simple we are an awesome look. To get a perfect advice for your lips you can chat with beauty experts.

  • It is always preferable to use lip color opposite to your eye makeup. Like if you are wearing heavy makeup on your eyes then you should go for a lighter shade or even a nude shade.
  • If your eye makeup simply in includes a highlighter and one stroke Kajal and mascara, then you can definitely try out something Bolts like blood red or chocolate brown shade with your lips.
  • To achieve the ultimate perfect look you can use a liquid lipstick which gives you far better finish than with a stick. Apply that and give Vitamin E to dry and you are ready to rule.

Foundation and highlighter:

The first and foremost thing about Foundation is to pick the perfect shade for your complexion. Along with that, you should use concealed and a certain amount of highlighter. To bring the perfect blend on your skin you can get free advice on chat from makeup artist.

  • To achieve a new look you can apply one shade lighter Foundation than your complexion along with little which highlighter (preferably liquid) to get that glam appearance.
  • To give your face proper contour by highlighting your cheekbone with a darker shade can compliment your look.
  • It is very important to use a proper makeup brush and a makeup sponge, ok, to blend the makeup and prevent it from being lumped in one place.

While following everything in these lists, you can pick your favourite style and follow it. Just a little bit of knowledge and a proper makeup box, nothing can stop you from getting the desired look on your face.

For longer hours:

  • To keep your makeup for a long period of time you can apply hairspray after finishing your makeup on your face.
  • Also, a certain amount of Aloe Vera gel spray can work like wonders.
  • It is very important to wipe out your makeup using Face makeup remover other than any soap or other things.

So what are you waiting for just click online and get set the proper makeup items to come over some makeup videos and try a demo look on yourself or on your best friend? You may polish your knowledge with the help of chat with celebrity makeup artist in India.

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