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Healthy Lunch Ideas that can contribute to being your afternoon superpower

A healthy diet is a solution to all our health problems. In our hectic daily life, we struggle with two things time and money. So keeping these two things in mind, we want our lunch also to be budget-friendly and easy to make. Today, everyone lives a busy life, and the concept of lunch is slowly diminishing. However, its importance cannot be declined. We can't have a healthy, wholesome lunch all the time. Hence, it is important that we go for quick, easy and healthy meals. Here are some healthy lunch ideas which will make your life a bit easier. Your fitness trainer will also recommend these options. So let’s get ready to indulge them!

Dal Paratha:

We always have leftover food from dinner. Mix the leftover dal with flour and make the wholesome dough. Make it like a normal roti. Dal is rich in protein and a glass of milk with Dal paratha is an awesome combination. A combo of milk and protein is best to start your afternoon.

Pudina Rice:

This one of the easiest dish to make. Toss some rice with mint leaves and your lunch is ready. Mint leaves have antioxidant which is very good for our body. Including fruits with antioxidants in them is also important. It will complete your meal.

Tomato Omelette:

We can make many dishes with egg, but an omelet is always at the top. You can mix any veggie with egg. Easy to make and healthy. Sometimes it is tricky to get it perfect but as we practice make a man perfect. The egg is rich in high-quality protein and B12 vitamin. Which is really good for your health.

Broccoli salad:

The best low carb vegan fulfilling dish. Fry broccoli with olive oil and some spices make it a very delicious and healthy combination. 


Fruits are an easy meal and a healthy one too. Fruits are often considered as full food and are a great substitute for conventional lunch. Fruits like Apples, strawberries, papayas, mangoes are fulfilling and can easily be prepared.

Green Veggies:

Green vegetables are the healthiest of all and salads are the healthiest option for lunch. They are easy to make and are full of nutrients. It is a quick meal with lots of benefits, and it is very fulfilling as well. One cannot go unsatisfied with this one.

Healthy snacks:

Healthy snacks are the newest trend and are available in plenty. The trick to have them in healthy proportion is to eat them on a plate instead of straight out of the packet. It will regulate the portion and will definitely prove to be a healthy lunch.

Few tips to make your lunchtime fulfilling

Drink water:

The biggest part of a daily fitness tip is keeping your body hydrated. Instead of having drinks containing high sugar content or carbonates, drink water. They keep you light and are much better than drinks which instead of making one hydrated, makes one rather dehydrated. 

Eat within intervals

Instead of having one long meal, have many, small meals at various intervals. It improves digestion and is great for health. Having food at intervals also prevents overeating and unwanted bloating.  It is also a great way of controlling sugar for those suffering from Diabetes. 

Read labels:

Another healthy lunch habit is to read labels of the food you will be consuming for lunch. Reading about carbohydrates, proteins, etc. in your food will help you control your food habits and will take care of your health and fitness.

Cook your own meals:

Although it is time-consuming it is the healthiest way of having food because none can be better than the one you cook yourself at home. There are many easy recipes available which are quick to make and assure enough nutrients for a healthy meal. What will appeal you the most in it is that it is free of contamination since you're the in charge of it all.

These are some of the go-to dishes, which can save your time, are healthy and also budget friendly. There are many more healthy lunch habits which can substantially improve your health and life. Eating whole grains, small portions several times a day, fruits and vegetable consumption, drinking more water, etc. are just a few tips amongst many which can be used to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the busy lives that we live. These ideas are sure to help you to have a nice lunch which is not only tasty but also healthy and fulfilling. Along with a healthy lunch, you can also do some weight loss exercises to keep your body fit and chiselled to woo others.

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