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The modern era is seeking instant solutions for each and every thing .Fast and furious as it seems to be,yet some of them feel inner drive to be on the right track by following daily regimen mentioned in Ayurveda. Daily regimen starting from waking up in the morning are described in Astanga hrdaya Sutra sthana Second Adhyaya itself .The Dinacharya Adhyaya.

Textual verses and meanings are well apprehended by all. So, this is an attempt to stress unique points and style of presenting concepts by the Acharya Vagbhata.The Brahma Muhurta,specific time for waking up-implies starting your day with punctuality.

  • After cleansing and excretion,ie, after the purification of the body only brushing is told .
  • The herbal brush also have selective measurements and taste;brushing should be after every meal ,without hurting the gums.
  • Next,application of Anjana for the health of eyes are described.
  • So,the Uttamanga Shiras and indriyas are given due importance.
  • Indriyas like Jihva ,netra and after that nasa are told one by one.
  • Nasya,Gandusa,Dhuma and Tambula charvana are all connected to these indriyas .
  • Abhyanga,Vyayama,Udvartanam ,Snanam,bhojana vidhi are elaborated by the Acharya .
  • Acharya advocates each of these routines ,provides the benefits and contraindications also.

He has a  broad vision about the society also ,not a biased view which is clear from this point .Merits and demerits of the Sastra according to the changing conditions is well known for him.

For the sake of Vaidya ,another important section Sadvritta is also dealt with. Importance of Dharma,Thyajya Dasavidha Papakarmas and verses preaching how to deal with various types of people in the society are clearly given.The golden mean path and the tactics of even common people are known to him very well.

Keeping in mind these instructions,if the Vaidya proceeds further in practise will acquire Ayu,Arogya,Yashas and Aiswarya as such. Phala sruthy of every prominent Acharya are in fact ,promises given by them if one studies and practises Ayurveda in the right way.


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