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Planets Impact on Our Married Life

Hello friends, how are you all, here I am with my new series of article. In this series of article I will talk about the influence of different planet on our marriage and married life.
Marriage is a very big phenomenon in our life, it makes us to share our thought journey and life ahead with others, it binds two different energies together and, together it becomes a single source of energy and creates our life journey ahead. We need blessing of every planet for a happy fruitful marriage. 
In short Sun brings us respect in marriage, Moon is care and tender feeling, mars is sexual desire, Venus is love and performance, Jupiter is social acceptance of the union, Rahu is outside influence, Ketu is detached feeling, Mercury is behavior and interesting interaction, Saturn is discipline in matter of our marital union. You can get your future prediction by your date of birth.
Today we will talk about influence of #SUN on our married life. 
Sun is our self esteem, feeling of self, the ego, Sun is pure knowledge, Sun makes us to always keep self ahead. Sun don’t compromise. Sun is authority, it’s the king and entire world is its citizen.
If sun aspect seventh house or gets placed in seventh house of if it's placed together with seventh lord then it's said to be influencing the seventh house and married life.
When sun influence the seventh house then ego clash becomes common thing between the partner, they don't tend to respect each other's view. This brings between them the chances of separation; even if they don't divorce it makes the couple’s difficult to stay with one another. Sun is ego anger and hotness, it never compromise, and this bring in the lack of love and care in marriage. Ask a astrologer about impact of planets in your life.
If Jupiter aspect this sun or seventh lord of seventh house then this makes them follow and respect each other because of social pressure and social pressure.
If Saturn influence over seventh house in this situation the chance of divorce gets stronger.
If mercury influence over seventh house or sun in this situation then the problem comes because of person interest somewhere outside.
If mars have influence over this sun or seventh house then the compromise becomes too difficult, person start finding the peace outside marriage.
If Rahu influence this combination then problem starts because of outer influence in the marriage.
If Ketu influence it, then problem comes because of the feel of detachment from marriage, even sexual disease is one of the reasons.
If Moon influence this combination then problem starts because of the feeling of hatred for each other.
If Venus influence this combination, then problem starts because of lack of feeling of love and compassion. The person gets loved by many if Venus is in seventh, then it bring feel of jealousy.
Note: - the aspect on seventh house seventh lord or placement with sun or seventh lord or placement of these planets in the seventh house will be counted as the influence on this combination.
Remedy: - both husband and wife shall keep little water in the month and then take bath by pouring water on the head. This will make them respect each other's views and status and will bring love in the marriage life.

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