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Proper Diet and Exercise can Help to Gain Weight

Today everyone is running to shed extra weight from the body to get a good figure. But there are people who are fed up with being skinny as it is equally dangerous to health. Opting for weight gain diet can help to get extra mass instead of using products to get weight. As diet is important when trying to lose weight the same is while willing to gain weight.

People who are underweight are more likely to feel inactive and exhausted. So, if you are willing to achieve the goal get free tips for weight gain exercise by a fitness coach.

Exercise to Gain Weight:

Bench Press: It is very effective in gaining weight as it points on the chest. This exercise can add mass to the chest muscles which will help to make it look broader and increase the area of his body part. If possible inclined bench press must be performed as it is more beneficial while willing to gain weight.

Pull-ups: It will have a direct effect on the shoulder and chest area of the body. Performing this exercise with a bar or without it will help in gaining mass over the upper body part and it will also be easily visible.

Deadlifts: It is one of the exercises which is done with the help of heavyweights and so it must be practiced with proper care under observation of trainer. It affects arms, backs, and legs and increasing mass in these areas of the body will increase weight quickly.

You must seek the help of trainers and ask weight gain exercise which is according to the structure and requirement of your body. There are various exercises for different parts of the body which must be performed when willing to gain weight.

Diet to be followed for Gaining Weight:

Many people assume that eating too much or fatty things can help in gaining weight. But this assumption is wrong as a healthy diet must be followed even while trying to gain weight.

One of the best ways to gain weight safely is to have more calories in the diet. The body burns calories in doing activities and so intake of calories must be high as required by the body. Gaining weight all of a sudden is also not a good indication and so chat with a fitness professional to maintain level.

Protein, carbs and fat are also very effective in gaining weight steadily. If you are looking to gain weight eating a good amount of carbs, proteins and fat can help to make it possible. It is good to include spices, sauces, and condiments as it will increase taste and calories.

Potatoes and starch are best to gain weight and at the same time cost-effective. Taking these two things in your diet will not only add extra mass but also increase calories in the body. It will directly increase glycogen storage in muscles. Healthy starch is not only useful to get the weight but also help to get nutrients that can be useful in carrying out daily routine.

Cereals are not always loved by all but when trying to increase weight go for cereals bar. It is best in taste and also can satisfy small hunger. It also contains dry fruits, nuts, grains and many other such things which are good for the body. Dark Chocolates which has nearly 70% cocoa is best to increase calories and indirectly will help in gaining weight.

One most important factor while looking to gain weight is increasing meals of the day. It means you must have a minimum of 3 meals in the day and even if required it can be increased in the form of snacks to maintain energy.


Diet, as mentioned, is good enough to increase weight gradually. Exercise must be done properly and limit must be maintained as over stress can create health issues. So, following the given schedule will slowly help in gaining weight.

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