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The Nitty-Gritties of Being Underweight

Underweight is defined as a condition in which a person’s body mass index is lower than the prescribed normal range. Body mass index is the ratio of weight and height.  Being underweight is a very common condition and can be reversed by proper food and physical activity.

There are many reasons which can make people underweight, some of which are as follows:

1. Lack of food intake and/or imbalance of food intake.
2. Medical condition like diabetes, hypothyroidism, TV, HIV/ AIDS, and cancer.
3. Overexercise or excessive physical activity.
4. Genetic factor.
5. Higher metabolic rate
6. Stress or insomnia
7. Side effects of different medications.

Today we shall discuss how to reverse the underweight condition:

A. Balanced Diet: is one of the main factors which help reverse the underweight condition. A Balanced Diet is a diet that contains carbohydrate, protein, fat, Vitamins and minerals in the adequate and appropriate amount. There are several routes prescribed for gaining weight for people with the underweight condition, some of which are not exactly good for your overall health. Some people think that only protein is required for them, others think that fat and sugar are good for gaining weight. But foods which contain all nutrients are essential. Carbohydrate is the main source of energy in an average Indian diet. Almost 60-65% of energy comes from carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, chapati, chirwa, bread, and rava. So if anyone omits carbohydrate from his diet, it would not work at all. Consumption of sugary foods and fatty foods are also not essential. In the name of excess fat consumption, overfired foods are consumed, which in the long run, has severe effects on our health. Excessive sugar intake can also be extremely detrimental to your well-being. My recommendation will be, begin with, a 7-day healthy eating plan and observe the progress before further getting on with full-fledged long term diet regime.

If a person wants to increase his weight he/she should follow a diet which contains the proper amount of carbohydrate along with high-quality protein. He/She should eat fresh fruits and vegetable as these are good sources of vitamin and minerals. Many vitamins and minerals like B vitamins, magnesium and manganese are required for energy production in our body. Magnesium and vitamin-C are also helpful for muscle growth and development. Protein-rich foods, mainly first-class protein is required for muscle growth, so include egg, fish, and chicken in your daily diet and for vegetarians include soybean, chenna, whey protein, dal and dal products. Well, a balanced diet helps in proper and healthy weight gain.

B. Physical activity: Over-exercise and excess physical activity increase energy expenditure so for underweight people it is essential to do the right kind of exercises which will help in increasing muscle mass and therefore foster weight gain. There are different types of exercises which can help one gain weight. Cardio exercises are good for both underweight and overweight persons. Swimming and jogging are examples of basic exercise which help in cardio movement and are good for weight gain. Other exercises like push up, pull up, low-intensity aerobic exercise is also good for weight gain. Yoga is considered helpful because not only it helps in increasing appetite, it also relaxes mind that is mandatory for gaining weight. 

C. Medical condition: Uncontrolled Diabetes and Hyperthyroidism are directly related to weight reduction. One should maintain his food and medicine intake to control these hormones. On controlling these hormone levels, weight gain will be possible. 

There are other conditions like genetic factor, metabolic rate, etc. which cannot be controlled. But overall lifestyle has a great impact on each of these.

There are some quick tips which will help to increase your weight:

1. Drink satoo sarbot every day.
2. Eat whole boiled egg.
3. Eat one banana and a potato every day.
4. Eat calorie dense food and do not drink water with your meal.
5. Maintain a proper food gap.
6. Do not eat protein-rich foods like egg or chana before exercise. Eat them after exercise.
7. Do the right kind of exercise every day as has been mentioned above.

For a more detailed understanding of gaining weight receive how to gain weight diet chart from experienced dieticians. 

Last, but not least, do not overburden yourself with the stress of gaining weight. Your weight is related to the life you lead. Fitness is the key to good health, so choose to be healthy and happy.

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