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Top 6 Health Benefits of Beetroot

  1. As we all know beetroot is known as chakundar in Hindi. Beetroot is a vegetable which we eat in the form of salad. Inside the beetroot, there is a pigment. This pigment is of purplish red color which works as an anti-oxidant in your body. You can eat it as anti-aging. This means that when our body is getting old, cells are going to finish their capacity, they are getting lost, and they are dying, then this pigment gives new power to them again; help to build new cells through anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory response.
  2. There is a very good amount of foliate in it, which is very beneficial for pregnant women. It contains plenty of health benefits. It also helps in the forming of red blood cells. It contains nitrate as well. Nitrate inside it may improve dilation of blood vessels, which helps in blood flow smoothly to the brain. It also helps in lower blood pressure and improves athletic performance. It provides oxygen and nutrition to the body cells, due to which you will feel energetic. Nitrates in it also help in cell signaling and hormones – all of which play a role in increasing the energy levels. It is advice of nutritionist that you should consume beetroot daily. 
  3. Beetroot also contains amino acid which helps in recovery of muscles. You can include beetroot in your post workout and pre-workout meal in the form of shakes, juices. But remember you have to consume it half an hour before your exercise and 10 minutes after your workout. If you consume it properly then your body will be revitalized and gives you the best results. 
  4. It contains very low calorie which helps in reducing your weight. For achieving and maintaining weight beetroot is best. It contains moderate amounts of protein and fiber helps promote weight loss by reducing appetite and promoting feelings of fullness. In beetroot, there is a presence of betanin which has the potential to prevent cancer of the breasts. 
  5. Beetroot enhances liver health. It is the best liver food as it contains calcium, betaine, vitamin B, iron, and antioxidants. Betaine helps in to eliminate toxins from liver and fiber clears the toxins which have been removed from the liver. It is very effective in treating inflammation in the kidneys. Consumption of beetroot also controls blood sugar. Daily consumption of beetroot may improve digestion and blood quality. As its rich in iron, it helps in treating anemia. Beetroots contain good amounts of boron, which is helpful in the production of sex hormones. 
  6. Beetroot reduces the risk of cataract. It also promotes strong teeth and muscles. It also improves skin health. It prevents skin cancer. It can help to prevent certain lifestyle-related diseases like osteoporosis. 

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