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Water Retention

As we all known our body is made of up to 70% of water but when excess more fluid buildup inside our body the condition called H2O, fluid retention\edema. It can be of many reasons like fluctuating hormones, menstrual cycle imbalance, anti-hypertensive or anti-depressant medications or in thyroid conditions. Easily detected by noticing sign are swelling in hands, feet, ankles and legs, stiffness and easily body weight gain. But not to worry, it can easily manage by helpful dietary tips.....

  • Low sodium diet as it absorbs water in the body & reduces the intake of refined carbs; hence it can increase insulin level with increasing the sodium absorption.
  • Wear tight fit or supporting socks & leggings to squeeze legs that prevent fluid accumulation.
  • Things to do early morning or in breakfast for best cleansing effect is to use natural diuretics or detoxify foods such as lemon, apple cider vinegar, nuts, green leafy vegetables (GLV), Avocado, tomato, parsley in salad and cranberry juice.
  •  Women with PMS (premenstrual syndrome) have to take more vitamin B 6, magnesium and potassium rich foods.
  • To reduce swelling, intake of olive oil, GLV, strawberries are helpful, avoid hot bath shower and too long time in same postures.—
  • Avoid animal protein, beef, caffeine, fried food, dairy products, white sugar, chocolates for faster   positive results.
  • It can easily detected by pressing the swelling area and it goes deeply and takes more seconds to come back in its own position, as it shown by figure.# In any IMBALANCE body's conditions need more ATTENTION # Everyone says drink more and more water but no one say more water with less sodium only then it’s healthy. 

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