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Weight Loss Exercises for a Fit and Healthy Body

Are looking to have a well-toned figure and hot body that can immediately make you the center of attraction of any event? If yes, then you have come to the right place! We will decode some of the best tips over here that will cut down your excess fat and will redefine your way of living. If people have been calling you baggage of flesh or a samosa bun, then it’s time to get into some serious exercise that can give a makeover to your entire personality. Here we have mentioned some of the best weight loss exercises that can help you shed your excess weight.

1.A walk down the road

This is the easiest exercise to start with, and almost anyone can do it. No matter the age, walking is the most advised exercise to do in regular and even in case of any health issues. Even if you’re a heart patient, walking is best for you to lose out those calories. So every morning and every evening go for a little walk, and if possible go to morning walks, somewhere around nature, it will be very positive and good for your mental health too.

2.A swim for the win

One of widespread fun sport and exercise for losing weight and to tone your body is swimming. This has shown tremendous transformations regards body weight. This is highly recommended to people who are facing asthma, obesity and want to lose weight. Going to swimming would be fun and also would strengthen you and tone your body.


We did it in childhood for fun purpose, and now it’s the time to cycle for losing some calories. But cycling doesn’t burn few calories; rather it burns your calories in large amounts. And cycling seems to be easier than walking or running. When you’re heading out for work or anywhere near, try to go cycling. 

4. Running

And running beats both walking and cycling in losing weight. It burns your calories like no other. Every morning get your sports shoes on and go for a run. Don’t keep running, when you start feeling dizzy, try and slow down your pace. Run 10-20 minutes if you’re a beginner and with time you can increase your duration. 

5.Strength training

There is a myth that strength training doesn’t help in losing weight. But strength training, actually makes you lose weight, tone your body and makes your muscles strong. 

Due to the weights you put on your body, your bones tend to grow to respond to it. Get a weight loss strength training workout prepared from your trainer and take over the strength section.

The most problematic area for almost everyone going for weight loss is belly and hips fat. But before you go to lose the fat off your belly and hips, remember it takes a little longer to lose it from here than the other parts of your body. But here are some exercises which can help you lose your belly and hips and too at from your home. Because not every one of us can take out time to go and take gym memberships, We are so busy with our jobs, life and so much more that we have no time to hit the gym or maybe can’t afford the personal trainer to train you. So what can be best than losing weight at home, without any hassle and expensive gym fees? 

Exercises to reduce belly and hips-

• Squats

Stand at a position, and half sit down while keeping in mind that your knees don’t cross your toes. Do 4 sets of 15 reps each. Squats will help you in shaping your hips and in reducing the hips.

• Leg Raises

Lie down on the mat and take both of your legs straight upward, and then take them down again on the floor. Do this for 3 sets, and 15 reps each. This will help you lose your belly fat and hip fat, and will tone your hips. 

• Mountain Climbers

Get yourself in a push-up position, keep your one leg straight and bend your other leg, as if you’re going to climb the mountain by being at one position. Then keep reversing the position of your legs, turn by turn. Rapidly move your legs back and forth like, one leg bending in front down the hip and other going back straight. Do this as fast as you can. Do 15 reps in 3 sets.


Get yourself in push up position and bend your arms. Rest your forearms, and keep your back and hips straight. Neither lower your hips nor get them higher. Stay in that same position for about a minute. This will strengthen your core, and make you lose belly fat. 


Call it burpee or squat thrust. Firstly, simply stand straight, and jump and then fall down on the ground in a push-up position, get up with a jump and repeat the same. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions, and this will help you in losing your belly fat very fast.  

These are some of the best exercises to lose weight at home. Happy Workout! 

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