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A New Way to Wear Blusher in this Autumn

Makeup is something which embellishes the beauty .One has to agree that makeup help in enhancing the beauty by hiding skin flaws and boost up the confidence level. Makeup styles change time to time; blusher was used by blending colors or using lipstick pallet and then applying by fingers or using brush. Thanks to makeup artist a new blusher in creamy consistence with radiant glow in a Liquid format with skin finish is in trend & easy to use.

It’s time to say goodbye to summer in exchange of winter. Spin of beauty trends are upon us as what will be the better makeup in winter than set of rosy cheeks.

Tips to use blusher perfectly:

1) Choose according to skin tone: - as blusher came in various colours so carefully pick the color which matches your natural skin tone. One way to know the exact color is to close your fist for 10sec and then the color which develops across the knuckle will be the exact color of your blush.

  • For pale skin light pink with mimics will be natural flush. For more attractive peaches and mochas will work well.
  • For sallower skin tone orange or reddish-pink blush will brighten the skin.
  • For dark skin tone rich orange, pinks and red will be best to use.

2) Blush for different face shape: - Most of the women know that blush mainly applied on apple of the cheeks but the best way to apply is depend on face shape.

  • Slim round face blush should be applied on cheekbones & blend outward and upward.
  • For long face slightly below the apples of the cheeks, don’t extend further.
  • For heart shaped face it should be applied on beneath the apple of cheeks and then taper upward towards hairline.
  • In Square shape faces blush should be applied straight across and inch away with the either side of nose.
  • For oval face it should be straightly applied on apple of the cheeks and it should properly blend with edges. Just smile and get the blusher applied in the apple of your cheeks.