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About Me

Myself Siddharth Mohan a professional Astrologer have 11 year experience of Astrology. I use Jamini Astrology & Numerology too for relationship or in Matrimonial cases or in case of multiple affairs which is very common now a days, for accurate Remedies, Results, Suggestions and Predictions for better life of my clients.



Professional Services Provided:-
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Jamini Astrology
  • Laal Kitab
  • Prashna Horary Systems of Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Palmistry
  • 3d Astrology (Astrology+Numerology+Palmistry for Accurate Results and Predictions)
  • Vastu Consultancy (Home/Sight Visit too)

Awards and Recognition


                            In my college days i were popular among our all the college faculty members and i had the birth details of almost all the faculty members as well as all my friends and friends of friends two, i were in B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) but almost all college students were my friends because of Astrology but one day i were surprised when in the morning time the respected director of our college came to my home to meet me for the reading of their horoscope, that day was awesome for me not just because the director sir came to me for horoscope reading but because of the reason that they also have a good knowledge of Astrology too and then we discussed about many charts and Astrology more than 2 hour and that day our sir gave me recognition in front of my family members and my friends because of my Astrology knowledge at that age.