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About Me

Expertise: Fat Loss, Obesity Management, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Increase in Muscle Mass, Power Yoga, Yoga, Diet and Nutrition Planning, Life Style Management, Disease prevention, injury prevention.
Expert in INJURY PREVENTION during exercises or due to unbalanced exercises.
Rajesh Sharma has worked with Elite Sports Nutritionist Matt Lovell- Sports nutritionist from the UK for more than 4 years and Elite Sports Nutritionist Gavin Allison - Sports Nutritionist from the UK for more than 9 years.
Rajesh has also been trained by world-renowned fitness experts Kris Gethin and Neil Hill.
Believes that the body has the capability of healing itself and remaining healthy with Life Style Management.
Rajesh Sharma has helped people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, back pain, knee pain, and other lifestyle diseases.
Rajesh makes you enjoy exercise and makes it part of your lifestyle. He makes you addicted to exercise, fitness and good health.
He has been practicing fitness exercises, asanas, pranayama, meditation for more than 30 years.


1)B.Com.; C.A. Inter. (I.C.A.I); CPFT; CPYT; DNDP; DST; DMT; PEL1

2)Certified Physique Elite Level 1 Trainer

3)Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

4)Certified Power Yoga Trainer

5)Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Plan

6)Diploma in Massage Therapy

7)Diploma in Spa Therapy

Awards and Recognition